Hello, I am Hedy Setyadi.

I help you rediscover your purpose, joy, and fulfillment

So you can intentionally live the abundant life of your dreams

and thrive in your chosen work.


What you had pictured of the way medicine “should be” is totally different from what you see.

You set out to help patients and make a difference in their lives.

Be there for them in the most vulnerable times in their lives and personally help them make it better.

But what you encountered were endless hoops to jump through:

endless charting (NOTES!) and inefficient EMR,

unending inboxes, calls, and paperwork,

mountains of prior authorizations and treatment denials,

reimbursement cuts and rejections,

unreasonable expectations and moving targets imposed by various sources,

contentious work environment,

regulations and policies that vilify and restrict physicians,

burdensome but required outcome metrics that do not help patients,

staff shortage and drama,

and top it off with daily interactions with difficult, disrespectful people

demanding improper things that you cannot (and will not!) provide.

Of course, the same-old, same-old Imposter Syndrome is still there.

You feel like you are disappointing everyone, especially your loved ones.

You tell yourself that you are not being a good mom, wife, daughter, sister, or friend.

You are exhausted and irritable. It was not supposed to be this way when you signed up for this.

You thought it was your calling, but now the weight feels like it is crushing you.

You have a beautiful family and a wonderful-looking life to those who look in from the outside, but inside you feel like you are falling apart.
You do not feel like you can ever be "off" and disconnect from work or patient responsibilities.

When you want to unwind and take days off, it is so stressful.

You find that you are still taking care of test results, patients, and clinic issues from where you are vacationing.

When you return to clinic after taking any time off, results, callbacks, and issues to tackle pile up.

It feels like you are being punished for taking care of yourself.
You resent it.

After a while, it is easier to just not even bother. You just want to throw in the towel.

You used to love the end of the day when you can finally rest up and go to bed.

But now some nights you almost don’t even want to fall asleep (even though you know you would love to).

Because you know when you wake up you will just repeat all of this all over again, and it’s almost unbearable!

You feel trapped.

You have student loans and family financial needs.

And of course, you had spent YEARS with so much effort and resources for this.

You sacrificed so much already—you have already missed out on so much of the life of your family and friends to get here.

You missed your best friend’s wedding overseas. You missed holidays, milestones or family events from being on call.

You look at yourself and cannot even recognize who you are anymore.

You don’t know if you even want to continue practicing medicine anymore.

But, you think, this is your calling!

You are one of the few fortunate ones who get this rare opportunity, and now, your hard-earned credentials as a physician.

You are “supposed to” keep on pushing through, aren't you?

What happens with all of the time, efforts, and money you and your family have sacrificed for this pursuit?

Then you feel guilty for feeling miserable… after all, so many people in this world are in a much worse position than you.

Then you try to convince yourself that you are so privileged to be practicing medicine, what do you have to complain about? But even that does not help.

How do I know all of this? Because I used to be there.
That you are not here just to dread another clinic day?

That you can dream again?

That you can feel whole, appreciated, and loved, no matter what happens?

That you can take time to enjoy yourself and your family again?

That you can be refreshed and look forward to doing what you love again… regardless of whether you choose to stay or leave medicine?
What if I tell you that you can feel ALIVE again?
Yes, it is within your reach!  I can help you!